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Glass Recycling & FTI - This is what's new for 2022

Swedish Glass Recycling has decided that the calculation of the packaging fee shall, from 1 March 2022, be based on the weight of the glass packaging. In practice, this means that monthly declarants report for January and February 2022 as before and at an unchanged price. The packaging fee from 1 March 2022 is SEK 0.72 / kg. The change with a new fee structure aims to simplify declaration processing for producers and importers and to comply with the reporting to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is the new supervisory authority that the producer fulfills his producer responsibility.

In order for you as a producer to fulfill your producer responsibility, it is important that you are connected to Swedish Glass Recycling if you sell glass packaging on the Swedish market. If you are not already connected, which you probably are, you can do so easily on the Swedish Glass Recycling website.

As of January 1, 2022, Creopack no longer offers glass declaration

In consultation with Swedish Glass Recycling, Creopack will close the accounts for customers’ glass packaging. This will happen at the end of 2021. Information about the weight of the packaging etc  do you find  on our website. If you have any questions, get in touch  to us  and we will help you. 

Fti & Swedish Glass Recycling - who reports what & where?

As a producer of beverages, food or anything else that is filled in a package, you have a responsibility to report and pay for your packages that you include in the Swedish recycling process. When Creopack imports packaging to Sweden, Creopack reports to fti for outer packaging around the goods, such as shrink wrap and cardboard inserts. For Swedish-produced packaging, the manufacturer reports to fti for the packaging around the packaging.

For you as a customer and filler, you report yourself to Swedish Glass Recycling for the glass bottle or glass jar. For fti , you report yourself for plastic bottles, plastic jars, all different closures, 4-packs and 6-packs of cartons. 24-pack boxes, can bins, etc.


According to the swedish law all PET bottles that contain ready-to-drink beverages (for example soft drinks, water or cider) must be included in the deposit system. However, “drinks consisting mainly of dairy products or vegetable, fruit or berry juices” are excluded – even if it is the exact same type of bottle for the drinks. Juices and juice products that are not forced to be part of an approved return system can be connected voluntarily. The agreement process and the terms are the same, except that there is no annual connection fee of SEK 10,000 for voluntary products. Read more here..

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