1.1. The GDPR has been in force since 25 May 2018 and replaces previous national legislation on the handling of personal data. The law aims to protect the individual on the networks and regulates how companies may handle individuals’ personal data.

1.2. For Creopack, it is important that Customers, suppliers and stakeholders feel confident and secure in how Creopack handles personal data.

1.3. Creopack handles all data with integrity and never discloses it to third parties, unless there is a legal basis for the processing. One such reason may be that it is required to fulfill the Customer’s order or delivery.

1.4. The customer is responsible for the personal data provided to Creopack. Creopack processes personal data on behalf of the Customer as a personal data assistant. Creopack hereby undertakes to process personal data in accordance with the Customer’s instructions, applicable legislation and to fulfill its obligations under this agreement. Creopack undertakes to take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data and to apply an appropriate level of security.

1.5. All personal data must be processed carefully and must not be shared with unauthorized persons. Access to personal data shall be limited to those persons who need them to be able to perform their tasks.

1.6. Under no circumstances will Creopack disclose any personal information without the consent of the person in question. The same goes for email addresses.

1.7. Creopack uses the Customer’s data to keep statistics and to be able to send electronic mail such as information and newsletters about Creopack’s products, services, news and trends to the Customer. Creopack may also use the information for follow-up contact.

1.8. For newsletter distribution, Creopack uses third-party services. Creopack creates the newsletters and manages internal registers. The newsletters are sent out about every 12 weeks and contain information about our services, offers, news and trends. Price announcements and other necessary information that the Customer may need related to Creopack’s business relationship with the Customer are not counted as newsletter content.

1.9. The customer can unsubscribe from a newsletter or survey at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the footer of the newsletter.

1.10. The Customer is in Creopack’s mailing list for Creopack’s newsletter if the Customer is or has been in contact with Creopack, either by the Customer shopping, requesting a quote, interacting on the website or getting in touch with Creopack via other channels.

1.11. The customer can always contact Creopack for questions or concerns regarding this, please send an e-mail to