Brown 24-pack bottle box w. quick bottom – 560 pcs

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Stable bottle boxes in well developed for Longneck and Vichy bottles. The box have handles on the sides and a quick bottom – only need to be taped on top.

Our brewery boxes are specially adapted for the classic longneck and vichy glass bottles, 24 bottles for each box.

The box is extra stable and of high quality to suit the breweries’ environment and handling. Made of recyclable and eco-friendly corrugated cardboard. The bottle box has a quick bottom function, which means that the bottom of the box easily falls into place when it is raised and no further closure is needed.


– Stable and high quality
– Lightly packed
– Easy handling with handle holes
– Can be printed
Adapted for 24 longneck or vichy bottles

Specified dimensions are internal dimensions.

If you want to print on the box, we are happy to be at your service. Call us for more information and guidance.

Additional information

Pall storlek
Pallet width

800 mm

Pallet height

1500 mm

Pallet length

1200 mm

Number per pallet

560 pcs



Minimum order quantity

1 pallet

Unit weight

360 g


366x244x232 mm


4 mm