Can tray standard quick rest, 400x267x90 mm – 640 pcs

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640 pcs


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24-pack flatbed for standard jars (330 ml, 440 ml and 500 ml) produced in extra good quality. Brown cardboard trays are stable and moisture resistant. 24-pack can tray for beer, cider, soft drinks and other canned drinks. The tray can also be used for storing other products, eg glass jars.

The tray, which are made of corrugated cardboard, hold 24 standard jars. They are easy to handle when the edges are raised without the need for glue, tape or manual assembly. The trays are made from 50% recycled fibers and 50% new fibers and must be sorted as cardboard for recycling. Our corrugated board range is FSC-labeled.

The minimum order is 640 pcs – one pallet. The stated dimensions are internal dimensions; 400x267x90 mm. The tray weighs 139 grams.

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Additional information

Pall storlek
Pallet width

800 mm

Pallet height

1300 mm

Pallet length

1200 mm

Number per pallet

640 pcs



Unit weight

139 g


3 mm