Glass bottle Syrup – Series

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Available in volumes
30 ml – 1000 ml


Available in brown glass & clear glass


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Glass bottle Syrup. Choose between brown or clear glass bottles in strong quality, type III glass. The glass bottle is available in both small and large bottles, from 30 ml to larger 1 liter bottles. Glass bottle Syrup is suitable for non-carbonated drinks such as shots, must, juice but also in medicine, cosmetics & health food. There are various aluminum or plastic caps for the bottle. If you need several matching sizes for your products, this is the right bottles for you. The glass manufacturer also offers decoration of the bottles for larger orders. Contact us at Creopack and we will help you!

The bottle is in the volumes

30 ml
40 ml
50 ml
60 ml
80 ml
90 ml
100 ml
105 ml
120 ml
125 ml
150 ml
180 ml
200 ml
220 ml
250 ml
300 ml
500 ml
1000 ml


Additional information

Pall storlek
Pallet width

800 mm

Pallet length

1200 mm


Brown, Clear


Pump, Screw cap


Cosmetic, Drink, Home fragrance, Pharma