Warehouses & deliveries


Two warehouses

Our warehouses are located in Gothenburg and in Uppsala and both are 3PL warehouses. Here we stock the products we sell regularly for fast deliveries. This also includes all orders that are to be delivered immediately but that need to be reloaded on smaller groupage vehicles for delivery to you as a customer.

Large areas

Our warehouses have great opportunities. We have large areas that make it possible to offer warehousing and transport for both our items and for your needs for temporary or long-term storage of e.g. packaging, production equipment and materials.


We only sell whole pallets of glass bottles where the bottles are stacked loosely on spacers. The same goes for cans. If you need to have them delivered repackaged in boxes, we can now also offer it. Or if the pallet with bottles or jars is too high, we can pick up a stock and deliver them in boxes next to it. We repack as you wish at an affordable hourly rate and packaging cost.


Fast deliveries

Of our stocked items, we have fast deliveries. The goods leave stock the same day or the day after. We can also adapt the delivery to your wishes for delivery later.

The items we do not stock, we often deliver within a week, but for some items it can take about two weeks. It is always good to be out in good time with your orders for safety.


We deliver throughout Europe. With our collaborations with carriers, we strive to always have really good transport prices. When we offer you as a customer, we always include the best shipping option for you in your area.

Failed delivery

Our pallets are often sensitive to transport and terminal handling and sometimes an accident happens on the road. In the event that the pallet is so damaged that you consider it unusable, we ask you not to receive the pallet and not to sign the shipping documents. Take photos on the pallet and ask the driver to note the damage to the consignment note. The same applies to damaged boxes. Contact us for delivery of a new pallet / box and send us photos and information about the event. Thank you very much for your help with this.

Do not hesitate to contact us about questions regarding stock and deliveries. info@creopack.se