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Our warehouse is located in Norsborg in Stockholm County (Enskede Bilexpress) and is a 3PL warehouse. Here we stock the products we sell regularly for quick deliveries. This is also where all orders come that are to be delivered directly but need to be reloaded onto smaller trucks for delivery.

Large areas

Our warehouse has great potential. We have large areas that allow us to offer warehousing and transport for both our items and for your temporary or long-term storage needs, such as. packaging, production equipment and materials.

Minimum order

We only sell whole pallets of glass bottles, the bottles are stacked loosely on dividers. The same goes for our glass jars. Closures are sold in boxes. You can see the minimum order quantity on the respective product.


Fast deliveries

Of our stocked items, we offer fast delivery. Goods leave the warehouse on the same or next day. We can also adapt the delivery to your wishes for a later delivery.

The items we do not stock are often delivered within 1 week but for some items it can take about 2 weeks or longer depending on the availability of the supplier. It’s always a good idea to get your orders in well in advance, just in case.


With our partnerships with carriers, we strive to always have really good transport prices. When we offer you as a customer, we always include the best shipping option for you in your location.

Failed delivery

Our pallets are often sensitive to transport and terminal handling and sometimes an accident happens on the road. If the pallet is damaged to such an extent that you deem it unusable, we ask you not to accept the pallet and not to sign the shipping documents. Take photos of the pallet and ask the driver to note the damage on the consignment note. The same applies to damaged boxes. Contact us for delivery of a new item and send us pictures and information about the event. Thank you very much for your help with this.

Do not hesitate to contact us about questions regarding stock and deliveries. info@creopack.se

Office &
Visiting address

Creopack AB
Bergviksgatan 6E
152 44 Södertälje
Sverige / Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)73 59 59 873
Phone: +46 (0)76 02 99 540
E-mail: info@creopack.se

Warehouses in Stockholm

Enskede Bilexpress
Fågelviksvägen 9D
145 53 Norsborg
Sverige / Sweden