Paper bottle Natur, 750 ml – 5400 pcs

Minimum order
5400 pcs (5 pallets)


Quantity per pallet
1080 pcs


Delivery time
about 14 weeks
* the bottles are made to order



Eco-friendly 750 ml paper bottle suitable for wine, spirits and oil. The bottle is made of 94% recycled paper and reduces the carbon footprint of wine and spirits bottles by as much as 84%. As the bottle weighs only 82 g, it counts as a lightweight bottle.
Lightweight bottles have a lower climate impact.

The paper bottle is made from two recycled “cardboard shells” which when formed around a thin bag look like a classic “Bordeaux” wine bottle. The bottle uses a standard Stelvin closure and has the same dimensions as a regular glass bottle and a volume of 750 ml. The bag is made of the same proven materials found in bag-in-boxes and offers the same 12+ months of shelf life.

Our new paper bottle is perfect for the global wine and spirits sector due to its distinctive design and its environmentally friendly benefits. With an eco-friendly bottle in paper, you stand out on the shelf in the retail. Contact us at for more information!

ø 30 x 21 mm ROPP aluminum cap.
The paper bottle has been designed for maximum compatibility with existing wine and spirits filling lines. Therefore, it has been designed to use a ROPP cap (Roll On Pilfer Proof).

As the bottle is made as a flat cardboard, it enables a 360-degree design and you can get your print all over the bottle. We offer digital printing on orders under 25,000 bottles and floor prints (lithography) on orders over 25,000 bottles. Digital printing is a CMYK print in four colors and as such there can be subtle differences in color between production, so we recommend that you run a test print or a pre-assembled prototype bottle can be produced (extra costs for this will be added). Please note that if specific Pantone colors or color matching are required, please let us know or provide a physical print of approved colors for color matching purposes.