Bartop Deluxe – Cork in metal / synthetic

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The cork Bartop Deluxe is an elegant closure in shimmering colors that gives your bottle an exclusive look. It is available to order in two different sizes and three different colors, gold, silver and black. The cork is made of synthetic with a metallic finish, it is well suited for spirits and has a long shelf life unlike natural cork which dries over time. The cork is made with NGS technology (No Glue System), which means that no glue is used in the production and that a perfect seal is ensured. The corks sells in boxes. We help you produce corks and shrink caps with your own print for your particular bottle, there are also other models on request.

  • Closure Ø 19.5 mm fits bottleneck with dimensions Ø 18.5 mm – 2500 pcs / box
  • Closure Ø 22.5 mm fits bottleneck with dimensions Ø 21.5 mm – 1900 pcs / box

We also offer larger quantities.

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Food, Home fragrance, Liquor

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