Terms of purchase


1.1. These Terms of Purchase apply between Creopack AB (Org. No. 556317–2831) (in this agreement referred to as “Creopack”) and the legal entity (In this agreement referred to as “the Customer”) when purchasing the products that Creopack provides.
1.2. The Customer and Creopack are jointly referred to as the “Parties” and separately as the “Part”.
1.3. The natural person representing a legal entity at the time of purchase confirms that he or she has the authority and right to enter into a legally binding agreement with Creopack on behalf of the legal entity represented.


2.1. Ordering Creopack’s products can be done via Creopack’s website, by phone or e-mail: info@creopack.se. Incoming orders are answered with a written order confirmation which is sent to the Customer’s specified e-mail address.
2.2. All orders are considered binding on the Customer’s part. Orders are binding on both Parties when the order confirmation has been sent by e-mail to the Customer’s specified e-mail address. Creopack reserves the right to refuse Customer purchases.
2.3. Should a product not be in stock, Creopack will contact the Customer and make a residual note of it. When Creopack receives the remaining listed item, Creopack sends it to the Customer. If the Customer does not want the remaining listed item, the Customer can always contact Creopack via info@creopack.se and cancel it.


3.1. All prices are in Swedish kronor and are stated excluding Swedish VAT. VAT for the products is currently 25% and is stated in Swedish kronor and is added upon payment. Creopack reserves the right to increase VAT and other price changes that Creopack cannot control.
3.2. Shipping fee will be added. The shipping cost is always visible in the shopping cart or on the invoice.
3.3. The current prices for the purchased products are stated at the time of ordering or from the order confirmation.


4.1. Payment is made via invoice and the Customer must state the invoice’s OCR no. upon payment. Payment terms are 20 days net from the invoice date, unless otherwise specifically agreed. Creopack performs the usual credit assessment and after approval, the purchase is completed. In order to be able to make a credit assessment, the Customer is required to state their organization number. If the credit assessment is not approved, the order is stopped and Creopack contacts the Customer for an advance payment.
4.2. Invoicing takes place in connection with delivery.
4.3. The customer must notify Creopack within a reasonable time if the invoice is incorrect. If this does not happen within the payment deadline, the Customer’s right to object to the invoice expires.
4.4. In the event of non-payment or late payment, Creopack reserves the right to charge interest on arrears of 9% in accordance with the Swedish Interest Act (1975: 635) and to charge reminder and debt collection fees as established in Swedish law and practice.
4.5. Products are owned by Creopack AB until full payment for the product has been received by Creopack. Creopack has the right to withdraw the product if payment is not made.


5.1. Normal delivery time is about two (2) working days for stocked goods. Non-stocked goods have a longer delivery time of about 1-4 weeks. Deviations may occur, for example if the product is out of stock at the factory. In such cases, Creopack will contact the Customer. Creopack cannot be held responsible for delivering sold out or expired product. Creopack shall keep the Customer informed of relevant changes, problems, delays or anything else that may be relevant to the delivery.
5.2. Creopack reserves the right to subcontract for the fulfillment of its obligations under this Agreement, the provision of products and the fulfillment of its legal obligations.


6.1. If delivery delay occurs for any reason, Creopack will contact the Customer. Situations may arise that make it impossible for Creopack to fulfill an order, for example if Creopack’s suppliers are unable to fulfill their obligations.
6.2. Creopack cannot be liable for compensation for delivery delays, non-sale due to delayed or non-delivery, goods damaged during transport, product defects or the like.


7.1. Shipping will be added to all orders, unless otherwise stated on the product page.
Creopack usually does not have deliveries to delivery points, but delivers with corporate transports to the Customer’s delivery address.
7.2. In the case of odd places and special transport requests, such as notification, delivery to a private address, etc., extra costs can be charged afterwards. Extra fees for toll booths are also charged afterwards.
7.3. When the goods have left stock, the Customer needs to be available to receive the delivery. If the Customer asks the carrier to stock goods for later delivery or that the Customer cannot receive the goods for various reasons, the carrier’s terminal rent will be charged afterwards.


8.1. By purchasing the products that Creopack provides, the Customer agrees that Creopack does not make any commitments or provide any guarantees of any kind, neither express nor implied, for example regarding the quality of the products / goods or the like.
8.2. Creopack is also not directly or indirectly liable for damage or loss related to certain information or lack of certain information on Creopack’s website.


9.1. Wrongly ordered goods must be returned within 14 days of receipt. It must be in perfect condition and unused and that the Customer must pay for the return shipping. Creopack charges a cost of SEK 500 for return handling and a 30% deduction on the order value for incorrectly ordered goods. Contact Creopack before returning for help with the case.


10.1. Creopack shall convey any complaints and grievances from Customers to the manufacturer of the products, subcontractors hired or the carrier responsible for such defects or deficiencies within 10 days of receipt of the goods.
10.2. The customer is hereby informed not to redeem / receive goods with visible defects that may have affected the condition of the ordered and purchased products to such an extent that they are not usable. Complaints must be made directly to the driver and to Creopack via info@creopack.se who forwards the complaint to the responsible player. Creopack handles the complaint to the factory and the Customer must thereby complain to Creopack. In order to be able to complain about damaged goods, an arrival check must be made upon delivery. In the event of damaged goods, the consignment note must NOT be signed by the Customer. The driver must note the damage to the consignment note and the damage must be photographed. Email all information and photos to Creopack immediately for help with a new delivery.


11.1. Creopack reserves the right to make errors in content and in the price list on Creopack’s website.
11.2. Creopack hereby disclaims, to the extent permitted by applicable law, from all liability and liability for all direct and indirect damages and / or losses incurred by the Customer or for any third party in connection with the use of or obstacles to the use of the products that Creopack provides, regardless of how the damage occurs and regardless of whether the damage is caused by negligence, breach of contract or otherwise.


12.1. If fulfillment of Creopack’s obligations is prevented due to circumstances beyond Creopack’s control, which Creopack could not reasonably have foreseen at the time of signing the agreement and whose consequences Creopack could not have reasonably avoided or overcome, this shall constitute grounds for exemption from the time of performance and release. all penalties and compensation claims.
12.2. Events outside Creopack’s control include virus / disease transmission (eg Covid-19) or the prevailing “Corona situation” arising from the spread of infection in society / the world and its consequences affecting free movement, trade and transport, conflict in the labor market, natural disaster, fire, war, mobilization, terrorist act, unforeseen military conscription on a large scale, requisition, seizure, rebellion, riot or other similar incidents if the incident affects Creopack, Creopack’s staff or subcontractors to Creopack outside and within Sweden.


13.1. According to the Electronic Communications Act, which entered into force on 25 July 2003, everyone who visits a website (“user”) must be notified if cookies are used. When someone visits Creopack’s website, cookies are stored on the user’s computer. These cookies are so-called session cookies and is used to keep track of the user’s login (if the user is logged in) and any shopping cart when the user is shopping. Session cookies are not stored for a long time on the user’s computer, but disappear when the user closes his browser.
13.2. If the user does not accept the use of cookies, the user can set your browser so that it automatically denies cookies or so that it informs the user if a website uses cookies. If the user turns off cookies, the user will not be able to shop, as the shopping cart and login require cookies to work. The user can, however, look around the online store, without having cookies activated.


14.1. The GDPR has been in force since 25 May 2018 and replaces previous national legislation on the handling of personal data. The law aims to protect the individual on the networks and regulates how companies may handle individuals’ personal data.
14.2. For Creopack, it is important that Customers, suppliers and stakeholders feel confident and secure in how Creopack handles personal data.
14.3. Creopack handles all data with integrity and never discloses it to third parties, unless there is a legal basis for the processing. One such reason may be that it is required to fulfill the Customer’s order or delivery.
14.4. The customer is responsible for the personal data provided to Creopack. Creopack processes personal data on behalf of the Customer as a personal data assistant. Creopack hereby undertakes to process personal data in accordance with the Customer’s instructions, applicable legislation and to fulfill its obligations under this agreement. Creopack undertakes to take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data and to apply an appropriate level of security.
14.5. All personal data must be processed carefully and must not be shared with unauthorized persons. Access to personal data shall be limited to those persons who need them to be able to perform their tasks.
14.6. Under no circumstances will Creopack disclose any personal information without the consent of the person in question. The same goes for email addresses.
14.7. Creopack uses the Customer’s data to keep statistics and to be able to send electronic mail such as information and newsletters about Creopack’s products, services, news and trends to the Customer. Creopack may also use the information for follow-up contact.
14.8. For newsletter distribution, Creopack uses third-party services. Creopack creates the newsletters and manages internal registers. The newsletters are sent out about every 12 weeks and contain information about our services, offers, news and trends. Price announcements and other necessary information that the Customer may need related to Creopack’s business relationship with the Customer are not counted as newsletter content.
14.9. The customer can unsubscribe from a newsletter or survey at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the footer of the newsletter.
14.10. The Customer is in Creopack’s mailing list for Creopack’s newsletter if the Customer is or has been in contact with Creopack, either by the Customer shopping, requesting a quote, interacting on the website or getting in touch with Creopack via other channels.
14.11. The customer can always contact Creopack for questions or concerns regarding this, please send an e-mail to info@creopack.se


15.1. It is important that the Customer is connected to Swedish Glass Recycling and reports SEK 0 once a year to fulfill producer responsibility. Creopack reports and pays the fees to Swedish Glass Recycling on behalf of Customers unless otherwise agreed. The fee is included in the price of the glass packaging. Creopack’s customer number is 216458. Creopack reports and pays the fees at fti for disposable items (included in the price of the item) and packaging (Ex plastic around the pallets.) Creopack does NOT report for lids and caps and empty boxes ex. 6-pack and boxes for Customers’ distribution after filling.


16.1. This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with Swedish law. Disputes arising from the interpretation or application of these Terms and Conditions and related legal matters shall in the first instance be settled directly between the Parties. If the dispute cannot be resolved through an internal settlement between the Parties, the dispute shall be decided and tried by a general court in Stockholm.


17.1. Should any provision of this Assignment Agreement or any part thereof be found to be invalid, this shall not mean that the agreement in its entirety is invalid. Instead, only that part shall be found to be invalid and the Parties shall negotiate new applicable terms in the matter.
17.2. Creopack reserves the right to change the terms of these Terms of Purchase at any time, without notifying or informing Customer about it. Creopack has the right to change prices from time to time and the right to offer additional services and new products at any time, as well as to change the range of products and to stop providing products.
17.3. Any changes to these Terms of Purchase will apply to purchases made after the amended version of the Terms has been published on Creopack’s website. The latest version is always published on the website.