Creopack’s idea is to sell climate-smart packaging and grow responsibly in terms of profitability, environmental considerations and social commitment.

By selling packaging from recyclable materials that are manufactured in a resource-efficient and responsible manner and by constantly adapting the range according to market trends and needs, we at Creopack have a long-term sustainable business.

As a customer of Creopack, you are met with a personal commitment where we help you with a long-term sustainable packaging solution for your product.

As an employee at Creopack, you are given a pleasant and ergonomically adapted workplace with varied and stimulating tasks. We work together in a team where everyone is involved in influencing and contributing to the sustainable development of the company.

Facts about glass

From the cradle to the grave – of natural ingredients that can be recycled indefinitely.
Glass consists only of natural ingredients, sand, limestone and soda water. Up to 90% recycled glass is used in glass packaging. A coloured bottle can be made from a higher proportion of recycled glass than a clear one. Glass is infinite and can be recycled over and over again without deterioration of the material. The proportion of glass recycled in Sweden is 94%, which is the highest in the world.

Our range consists mostly of lightweight bottles. Less material consumption and lighter transport, as well as an improved work situation in filling, packing and shop handling. It’s good for both the climate and our health.

Glass is not affected by the taste or smell of the contents and is a completely leak-proof material. Glass is clean and does not leave a taste on the product.


Our glass bottles and jars are made in a clean environment and are certified for food approval. The packages are clean and do not need to be washed before filling as long as the outer packaging is not damaged.

We only work with the leading producers in the EU and who have documented environmental work to minimize the global footprint.

Thank you for choosing Creopack – a member of the Nordic Bioplastics Association, Swedish Glass Recycling, fti – Packaging & Newspaper Collection.