Hello all fine customers and all of you who have otherwise come into contact with us.

At Creopack, we can finally reveal some fun news! We inaugurate our new graphic profile and at the same time launch a new E-commerce! We have recently developed a new E-commerce with our IT consultant. The focus has been on developing new smart functions for the best possible shopping experience.

Some improvements worth mentioning are:

  • Pallets and any plastic spacers are now included in the product. They are included in the price on the product page but still have separate article numbers for the return handling / deposit.
  • You do not have to choose the shipping zone at checkout, but it will be automatically.
  • Instead of choosing subcategories such as. beer bottles, we have chosen to add all bottles under a category because we have a good filter function to sort out what you are looking for.

The new graphic profile aims to highlight our strong and ever-growing business in the modern world.

With the new graphic profile and e-commerce, we want to convey our strength and our growing range in the packaging industry, our proximity to customers and the constant effort to offer our customers the best and a site that is easy to order from.

We are passionate about you and your business ideas and we are passionate about delivering the perfect packaging.

You, our unique customers, beverage and food producers and more, are constantly increasing in number and we are proud to be part of such an important and versatile development where new entrepreneurs start their companies and realize their dreams.
We strive to keep up with an attractive packaging range in line with the new trends in the beverage and food industry.

Personal sales

We work as your packaging consultants and we sell a lot that is especially future according to. wishes and needs. Ex. caps and boxes with prints and bottles and cans that are not visible in e-commerce. We also work to calculate the best prices depending on the order volume and location. We also offer fast direct deliveries without passing our warehouse in Nyköping. Our prices on the page are not for the larger volumes. Feel free to contact us if you want a quote and we will tailor a quote to your info@creopack.se.